Have a Fun Shower with Brunch As Your Meal

The next time you are planning a shower, be it a baby shower or a bridal shower, use brunch as the main meal! A significant number of women love using the normal expectations for their showers; tea parties with dainty tea sandwiches and macarons or cupcakes; or bridal showers with cake and flowers and balloons. Break out of the status quo for your shower to give yourself and your guests a great time.

Brunch Instead of Tea!

If you have ever been to a real tea party (as most women want to throw for their baby showers), you would know that they are very stuffy. You have a dress code, tea etiquette, eating etiquette, thank you cards, and other formalities. Further, you are expected to not fill up on food while you are there. Brunch promotes the same feelings at these tea parties, without any hard-to-follow rules and expectations. And there are usually enough options to satisfy everyone.

Brunch Instead of Cake!

Cake and bridal showers are pretty much synonymous for a lot of people. Or instead, cake and parties are synonymous. But bridal showers are meant to be an opportunity for your relatives to give you needed things before you start married life, usually pieces of advice or items that you will need. Having the standard cake and sweets at this event kind of dampens the impact of the tradition. Instead, get brunch. Brunch is the better choice over your general foods and cake because it allows for seriousness. Serious conversations take place during brunch, not over cake and sweets. That is why business people often meet for brunch to close deals or speak about contracts.

Many restaurants are even happy to provide catering—Brunch Café is one such restaurant. We offer a vast selection of foods, from breakfast skillets to lunchtime burgers, even smoothies, and cocktails. We also have nine locations, from Scottsdale, Arizona, to Addison, Illinois. If you are unsure about what to do for your shower, give us a call and plan it around our catering.

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