Do You Need a Place to Hold a Rehearsal Meal? Make it Brunch!

Do you have an upcoming event that has a rehearsal, such as a wedding or anniversary? Maybe someone is renewing their vows? There are some very antiquated expectations of what that event will look like. Typically, it is a meal the family shares a night or two before the formal event. Who says that event needs to be at night? Some people like having relaxing evenings, especially when a major event is on the horizon. Take some of the stress away from the evenings, and create a whole new tradition. Have a rehearsal brunch, instead!

What Options You Have for Your Rehearsal Brunch

No matter what your favorite breakfast, brunch, or lunch foods are, we have something for everyone. That is part of what makes a rehearsal brunch such a novel idea! Here are some of our customer favorites that you can choose from.

  • French Toast – We have two options here. You can pick from a wide variety of French toast options, sausage or bacon, scrambled eggs, and even potatoes to fill your guests up.
  • Sandwiches – We have some great sandwich options for your guests. The options include turkey, chicken salad, ham, and club sandwiches.
  • Breakfast Hash – With this option, you can cater to those who love meat and potatoes and vegetarians alike. We offer a ham, sausage, and bacon hash, a chorizo has, and a vegetarian hash that all taste divine!
  • Chicken Options – When it comes to chicken, we offer many varieties. You can order up chicken kebobs, chicken parmesan, grilled chicken, Grecian chicken, and then we also have chicken as part of our taco and our fajita bar options. You can’t go wrong with chicken!

Call us Here at Brunch Café to Set Up Your Rehearsal Meal

Change up your event to be something that is uniquely yours. Create a day everyone is sure to remember on top of your special event. Let the people here at Brunch Café help make your rehearsal meal something amazing. Contact us today and let us work with you to create the feast you and your closest are sure to enjoy. We can’t wait to help!

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