Brunch Isn’t Just for Holidays and Special Occasions

How many times have you gone out to a special meal because it was a holiday or someone’s birthday or anniversary? What’s wrong with going out and celebrating a random Tuesday? You can go out and enjoy your day, just because you are happy to be alive and sharing those moments with your family. Here at Brunch Café, we believe that every day is a special occasion. That is why we have so many amazing brunch options.

Make Today a Special Occasion

Instead of waiting for the next anniversary or holiday, why not take some time to celebrate today? We always hear that life is short, so let’s embrace the opportunity we have to make an amazing memory today. Join us for a meal, make some friends, and walk away with some memories you are sure to keep. Here are some of the amazing options we have for you to choose from. Which sounds best?

  • In the mood for pancakes? We have a huge variety, from fruit-covered buttermilk to carrot cake to cinnamon swirl pancakes. There are options for every variety of sweet-tooth!
  • Not in the mood for pancakes, but want something sweet? We can offer crepes, Belgian waffles, and melt-in-your-mouth French toast in a wide variety of flavors.
  • Looking for a savory option? We have savory breakfast options like scramblers that come with potatoes, pancakes, or toast, and we also have skillets for both carnivores and herbivores alike!
  • Maybe you are more of the brunch/lunch persuasion? If so, we have options for you as well. You can get a sandwich or a wrap, burgers, salads, and so much more!
  • We even have a wide variety of options for the kids, including chicken, burgers, and pasta!

Come In and Join Us for a Memorable Meal

Make today something special. We would love to make and serve you your new favorite meal. Call us and set up a meal pickup, or even better, come in and meet us face to face! Here at Brunch Café, it is all about making friends and making food that bring people together. Find out for yourself what makes us unique!


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