Fall into a New Routine, Any Time of Day

When you think of brunch, what time comes into your head? 11 am-12 pm is the most common answer for people. However, those aren’t always brunch times. Brunch is whenever you want it to be considering that it means different things for everyone. People at the same table can order pancakes or hamburgers—alcohol or coffee. The beauty of brunch is its variety. It is food that can satisfy everyone at all times of day, not just the early risers and not just the night owls who’ve just woken up.

Move Two of Your Breakfasts to Brunch, and See the Difference

The problem with routines is that we become accustomed to them. We grow to expect the same thing out of our routines, and really, it can end up harming us more than constant change. If you eat the same two eggs and bacon sandwich at the diner four mornings out of seven, you may not notice exactly how it is unhealthy, despite others probably telling you that it is. Substitute in brunch in place of some of those breakfasts and you may realize a few things. You may notice you feel better eating later, or you may start losing some weight from the food variety. It could also mean you remain in a better mood for longer in the day.

As the Seasons Change, Change Your Routine, Too

Fall is the perfect time for you to change up your routine. Why is that? Well, because fall is the one time of year where it feels like things are happening and changing. We go from September and fall into Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the holidays. Time accelerates in the latter half of the year, and change is literally in the air.

Make the most of this beautiful season and stop by Brunch Café as part of your regular routine. We offer breakfast and lunch, that’s twice what those breakfast places and those lunch places offer. What you may not know is that we also provide twice the quality and twice the customer service. We’ll see you soon. Just give us a call if you’d like to make a reservation.

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