Should You Eat Brunch Outdoors? 5 Tips to Help Make It More Comfortable

When the weather is nice, many people flock to patios when they dine out. This gives you the chance to enjoy a meal out in the open air and avoid the hustle and bustle of the restaurant’s interior. Of course, outdoor dining doesn’t always come as a first thought to many people. If you’re one of them, here are some ideas to make outdoor brunch dining more comfortable.

Choose a Location You Like

Whether it’s the restaurant that you dine at or the meal you get catered or for takeout, you should make sure that the food is exactly what you want. The right (or wrong) food can change the entire mood.

Sit Away from Plants and Landscaping

Many restaurants have landscaping and flowers near their patio. This is great for creating a beautiful space, but it also means there will be bugs, namely bees. If you’re seated on a patio, ask to sit closer to the building, or at least away from the plants, so that you have fewer bugs to contend with.

Choose a Comfortable Day

You’re not going to have a good time at brunch on the patio when it’s 95 degrees outside. If you are making brunch plans, choose days when it will still be cool enough to enjoy eating outside. Otherwise, you’ll be hot, irritated, and probably unable to enjoy your meal.

Sit in the Shade

Some restaurants have umbrellas on their patio to provide shade for people eating outdoors. Other times, you may find shade thanks to a tree or a tall building next door. If you want to be more comfortable when dining outside, sit in the shade and avoid the hot sun.

Eat in Your Outdoors

With brunch catering, you have an entirely different option for making it more comfortable to eat outdoors. You can choose to have brunch catered and enjoy it in the comfort of your own backyard. Then you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable seating, a lack of shade, crowded restaurants, or anything else.

Catered brunch is a great alternative to brunch crowds and gives you a way to enjoy dining outside. It’s also ideal for parties and special events, giving everyone a chance to connect over good food and great company. Consider brunch cafe catering if you want to enjoy outdoor brunch without the busy restaurant patio.

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