Create a Staycation This Summer and Start with Brunch!

Instead of going on an expensive vacation this year, consider having a staycation instead! There are many benefits to having a staycation instead of a traveling vacation, including lower to no cost, your pets come with you, no tourists, and access to all of your hobbies. Further, you are not packing up your life and flying or driving for hours just to get to your destination jet-lagged or already exhausted. Your staycation aims to help you feel like you were on vacation; do not start it tired and over it already. Who knows, you could end up starting your new family tradition! Here are some great ideas for you to use to make your staycation the best vacation you have ever had.

Don’t Sleep In!

We all know that the first rule for a vacation is generally that you sleep in on the first day. But honestly, doing this can cause more harm than good. Additionally, if you let yourself sleep in, you may end up cutting out the most rewarding aspects of your staycation because they are too late in the day or you do not have enough time.

Use this Time to do Things You Normally Would Not

Most of us over 25 do not immediately connect parties with vacation. And while you might not be a party person, that does not mean that you should not head out during your staycation. Head to a local lounge and listen to live music over some cocktails! Just do not forget to order an Uber or Lyft for your transit home.

Dress Up at Home

Make sure that you are not wearing the same clothes that you slept in just because you are at home. Studies have shown that when you prepare yourself for an activity like dressing up for something (work or working out, for example), it helps you get into the mindset. If you want to have a beach day at home, break out the sprinkler and the swimsuits—just because you are not at the beach does not mean that you cannot pretend. There are fantastic local options for you to explore in the restaurant scene—Brunch Café may be right up your alley. Call us today and find out more!

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