Have a Fun Picnic with Our To-Go Meal Options

Going on a picnic is surely a great way to escape today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle. You can spend a great time with your peers and relax from your stress. However, you need to consider food as well. Let us worry about it so that you could have a fun picnic to remember. We cater to all kinds of occasions, from brunches to take out boxes for you to eat wherever you please. We care for our customers and we want you to focus on having an unforgettable time, while we prepare delicious food for the event.

Our Catering Menu is Full of Delicious Food

Picnics are meant to be fun and joyful. Food plays a key role in having a great time. Whether you go with your family or friends, you need to arrange food that makes them happy and satisfied. That’s where we come in. We have a catering menu that’s hard to beat. We offer different breakfast packages such as Continental, Country, French Connection, and Home Style among others. Would you prefer some food that appeals to nearly everyone? Worry not. Order our famous Chicken Kabobs and watch the smiles erupt on their faces! For those of you who love munching on Chips and Dips, we have Pico de Gallo, Spicy Feta Spread, Homemade Potato chips, and many more options to choose from.

We pride ourselves on cooking delicious food while also serving our health-conscious customers with a wide range of salads and sandwiches that do not compromise on taste. Since a picnic is going to give you sweet memories, why not add in some of our desserts such as assorted cookies and brownies? We also have some fun beverages to choose from. Everyone can enjoy our fresh iced tea, but the adults at the picnic can opt to have a cocktail or even upgrade to some vodka strawberry lemonades!

It would take hours to discuss our whole catering menu. Whatever your requirements are, just let us know and we will surely deliver.

Let Us Make Your Picnic Better with Our Delicious Food

When you order food from us, we not only deliver delicious food, but we also deliver it safely. Our delectable grab-and-go boxes make it easier and safer for you. Our food is tasty and quite affordable, which is perfect for a picnic. Call us at Brunch Café and make an order today.


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