Catering Can Keep Your Family Gatherings Safer – Order individual boxed caterings for grab and go

Looking for a way to have some amazing food, while remaining safe? Then you have found the perfect solution. You should reach out to us here at Brunch Café and let us help. You can order individual boxed items that you can simply take and enjoy. This means you get fantastic food that you do not have to cook, all while staying safe. Want to find out more?

We Offer Delectable Grab and Go Offerings for Your Family Gatherings

Between all the holiday and family celebrations you are sure to face over the coming year, you have choices to make. Even if you are staying home with your family, you still may not want to cook. We totally understand. It is hard work, plus, all that clean up? No thanks! Instead, you should reach out to us to cater your event. Let us help you create a menu your family is sure to love. Here are some of our amazing options.

  • Salads with a myriad of fresh produce
  • The French Connection (a French toast option with all the sides and fixings)
  • Crepes with fresh fruits
  • Rustic bread with several toppings, such as salmon or avocado
  • Blissful pancakes, with and without fruit
  • Sandwiches, wraps, trays of homemade potato chips, and paninis made to order
  • Oats (vegan-friendly) made with your choice of fresh fruits

Which sounds best to you? If you can’t decide, get more than one!

Brunch Café is Your Silent Partner When Creating Events Your Family Will Love

The next time you have a family event, call us. It could be in the next week or a few months away. We will create food that your family will fawn over. All the while, you can take the credit! Your family is sure to rave about the flavors you achieve with your meal. Plus, there are tons of options, surely pleasing even the pickiest of eaters. Want the best part? Nearly all of our catering options are $12 per person or less, so you get a fantastic meal at an affordable rate!

To find out more, or to start a catering order, reach out to us here at Brunch Café. Even if you need to order last minute, that’s not a problem. We specialize in helping at any time, and have no problem helping to arrange delivery, too. We would love to help you create a gathering that is truly unforgettable. Call us today, and make sure your next family gathering is both safe and satisfying!

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