Make The Holidays Easy with Brunch Café

Everyone knows that holiday gatherings can be a long and trying process. From cooking to hosting, there is always something you could use help with, especially when it comes down to space and time. Well, here at Brunch Café, we have the perfect solution: Order a catered breakfast! We offer a wide array of catering options that let you eat without having to add to the chaos of your holidays. Our items offer both taste and convenience, making your day easier during this hectic season. You can either take our ready-made or bake-at-home options, such as bread pudding and take and bakes.

Amazing Options from Brunch Café

When your day is going to be spent prepping things like turkey or chicken, ham, potatoes, pies, vegetable dishes, and so many more delectable offerings, you need all the energy you can get. The problem is, you know you are going to be cooking all day. The last thing you want to do is make breakfast, too. This is where we can help. Here are some of the amazing options we can cater for you so you can eat and then tackle the day with focus.

  • French Toast – several varieties are available, like a cinnamon roll and banana bread, plus eggs, sausage, bacon, and even potatoes.
  • Breakfast Sliders – start with brioche rolls and fill them with cheese, eggs, and a sausage patty.
  • Bread Pudding – with 48 hours’ notice, we can create a bread pudding that you could enjoy for breakfast, or you could sneak in as one of “your” desserts at your holiday dinner! We can create it with berries, apples, and even chocolate.
  • Savory Chicken Kabobs – if you want something less sweet and more savory, opt for our kabobs with pita and tzatziki, a Greek salad, and fresh rice pilaf, or some roasted potatoes!

Make Your Holiday Plans Easier with Our Help

This holiday season is going to be sweeter for many of us who were unable to spend as much time with family last year. Make your holiday something you can actually enjoy. Have breakfast catered so you can start your day off right, and add tasty treats to your holiday meal that we get ready for you. Call us here at Brunch Café today, and let us help make this holiday one you are sure to remember forever.

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