How To Get Your Kids Up Early on The Weekends

Kids love to sleep, and it can be really difficult for parents to convince them that getting up early on the weekends is worthwhile. However, if you want to keep your kids healthy and happy during their childhood, there are a few reasons why waking up earlier can benefit everyone. Here are some ideas of how you might get your children out of bed effortlessly on days where they don’t have school.

Make Special Bonding Time

If you have younger children who do not go to school, try setting up activities with them. This is a great way to bond, and also makes the early mornings more bearable. For example, if they love Disney movies, make a point of watching one every Saturday morning before everyone else is up. Your child will want to get up as soon as they hear the characters on screen because that’s when they know it’s going to be fun!

Great Food is a Great Incentive

Give them a special breakfast that they can eat as soon as they wake up. Children will want to get out of bed quickly if it means getting their hands on some delicious food. It’s also a great way to motivate your children for school because waking up early means they might be able to avoid standing in line at the cafeteria or missing out on other foods. You could make them a healthy smoothie first thing every day, but giving them a full breakfast including eggs, bacon and toast are sure to make an impression.

Don’t Feel Like Cooking? That’s Where Brunch Café Comes In

If the idea of a tasty breakfast sounds as appealing to you as it would to your kids, then make a point to come out to Brunch Café for breakfast one of these weekends. Get up earlier than noon, and head over to see what the fuss is all about. You can try some of our breakfast or lunch items and see which you like best. Then, once you know how amazing the food is, you can turn your visits into a regular family routine.

Brunch Cafe

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