Looking for a Fun Halloween Option? Why Not Do Brunch?

We are big fans of Halloween because it represents the harvest and ghostly fun with kids dressing up in costumes and gorgeous decorations on houses all over the neighborhood. If you are tired of doing the same-old, same-old with the kids for Halloween, why not bring them out for brunch? Here are some great suggestions for brunch with the kids on Halloween.

Time for Dress Up

Many adults find it really difficult to dress up, but brunch with the kids is a perfect time to play dress up. If your children are young, you could have your costume complement theirs. Does your daughter want to be a ladybug? Why not dress up as a leaf or a butterfly? If your son is into Harry Potter, this is the perfect time to robe as a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff. Make it a fun day for you and them.

Food for Kids

If you’re bringing the kids to brunch, we have a perfect menu for little brunchers. One of our fall favorites for kids is macaroni and cheese with fall seasonal fruit. Your kids can also choose from grilled cheese, mini cheeseburgers, and chicken fingers.

Do you have older children who want breakfast? No worries. We have all sorts of treats to tempt them at breakfast. They can have plain buttermilk pancakes with syrup and berries, or a kid favorite, the black and white, with black and white chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle. You can also tempt your kids with French toast, Belgian waffles, or crepes as well. For some hardier kids, you may want to try breakfast burritos or stuffed potato pancakes.

Fall Specials

Of course, even though the focus is on the kids during Halloween, there’s no reason you can’t have a little adult fun too. One of our fall specials is perfect for Halloween brunch, the apple cider mimosa. This represents the perfect complement to our fall brunch menu.

When you’re ready for some kid and adult-friendly Halloween fun, why not come and see us at the Brunch Cafe? Everyone is bound to have a great time!


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