How to Elevate Home Brunch with Friends

Going out to brunch with friends can be fun, but sometimes you might want a more intimate meal. The best option is a home brunch that you set up yourself. Rather than heading to a café that might be noisy and crowded, you can set up the atmosphere to fit your every desire.

Below are a few tips to get things rolling and ensure everyone has a good time.

Plan the Menu in Advance

Whether you’re doing the cooking or ordering it in, think about the menu in advance. Decide whether you want to have a selection of breakfast dishes, lunch dishes, or a combination of both to appeal to everyone. Consider having some hearty dishes as well as lighter ones. Don’t forget to make sure you have beverages of various sorts.

Think About the Atmosphere

Where do you want to host the brunch? You could have it in a formal dining room for a more elegant occasion. Or maybe you want to host it in the living room where the comfortable furniture is. It’s your brunch so you can do whatever you like. If the weather is nice, brunch could even be held inside. Just make sure you have a secondary option if the weather is bad.

Add Some Special Touches

When you’re creating brunch on your own, you can add some special touches that guests will love. Maybe that means creating simple name cards for where people will sit. You might want to break out the good China or use the wine glasses you never take out. Whether you want to go flashy or understated, the option is up to you.

Consider Music in the Background

Even if you know everyone will be chatting throughout brunch, there’s nothing wrong with a little background music to set things off right. Consider music that the group enjoys and make a playlist that doesn’t need your attention during the event. It’s up to you whether you want to go with some classical music or modern tunes with an upbeat tempo.

If you really want to elevate brunch at home with friends, why not let someone else handle the cooking? Choose brunch café, that caters to breakfast and lunch items and set them up at your home.

Brunch Cafe

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