Catered Brunch Can Kickstart Your New Year

What’s better than brunch? How about catered brunch? If you’ve got a big party, an office event, a church celebration, or any other gathering, a catered brunch can be a great way to ring in the New Year on a good note. Brunch is hard not to love—you get the best of breakfast and lunch, together in one meal. And when it’s catered, you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Still not sure about whether catered brunch is right for you? Here are a few reasons you should reconsider:

  • If you’re catering an event for the office, brunch will be much more well-received than yet another pizza party or doughnut day. People like brunch, and they like free food even better. Show your appreciation with a real meal for a change.
  • You can cater brunch for a friends and family New Year’s gathering and impress everyone, and do it without breaking the bank. Again, it’s a great way to try something different. Then, you’re not waiting on restaurant reservations, either.
  • Catered brunch allows you to customize the menu. You can choose the foods, factor in dietary needs or considerations, and get a meal that’s just what you want. There are plenty of standard menus available, but customization is definitely a perk.
  • Catering brunch is less expensive than most meals. There are fewer overhead costs than restaurants or venues, and brunch foods are much more affordable to make than most, which makes them more affordable to sell. You can even offer steak and eggs for less than you think.
  • Brunch can be catered in the morning or early afternoon, making it more flexible than dinner, and much more agreeable to some than a late-night New Year’s dinner or other events.

There are endless reasons to consider catered brunch for your New Year’s event or special occasion, or even for no occasion at all. People love free food and when it’s free breakfast, it’s even more appreciated. Brunch lifts people’s spirits, it’s a great time to socialize, and it includes food that everyone will enjoy. Even if you choose a standard menu and don’t customize the catering, you’ll still get an experience unlike anything else.

Is this year the year that you’ll start a new tradition with brunch catering? Consider all the ways it can change things up and catch people’s attention, and it will probably make your shortlist in short order.

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