Galentine’s Brunch Offers a Unique Experience

These days, more women are getting together and celebrating their own love holiday—Galentine’s Day. If you’re getting together with the gals instead of fulfilling the typical Valentine’s Day agenda, you have a lot of different options. One of those includes the ever-popular brunch, which is becoming more and more enjoyable as a way for people to connect and share time over food.

Going out to dinner is great, but then you have to take time out of your precious evenings when you’re not at work and could be relaxing on your couch. Not only that, but restaurants are packed on and around Valentine’s Day, and that can be stressful for everyone. There’s no need to pick an event that’s going to be more like work than fun. It’s time to get creative and Galentine’s brunch could be just the creative solution that you need.

Brunch is great because it is a literal buffet of breakfast—whether it’s a brunch menu or a catered meal, who doesn’t love breakfast? Delicious breads, bacon and sausage, eggs, potatoes—the list goes on and you can get it all when you choose to have a gal’s day brunch instead of going out to dinner or doing something else.

If you want to do brunch instead of another meal, think about your options. Choose a local restaurant that caters to these kinds of specials—chain “brunch” menus leave something to be desired. And for those who don’t like breakfast, most brunch menus also include salads, sandwiches, and typical lunch fare (hence the name “brunch”—breakfast and lunch).

You can reserve a time to have brunch before or after the holiday to beat the crowds, or you can even order online for delivery from many restaurants if you want to have a Galentine’s Day brunch at home with your own endless mimosas and bloody Mary’s. It’s so much better than trying to work out a time that everyone can meet in the evening or having to decide on a restaurant—when you find great local brunch spots, there’s no decision needed—brunch it is!

Before you stick to the typical plan or have another dinner outing full of crowds and couples, consider changing things up by having a brunch date with the gals this Valentine’s Day. You’ll enjoy some great food and perhaps even start a new tradition.

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