Father's Day

Father’s Day Brunch: Give Dad a Brunch to Remember

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Have you figured out what you will be doing for your father or your kid’s dad if they aren’t quite old enough to plan the day? Even though it might not get as much attention and fanfare as Mother’s Day, you don’t want to let it slip by without celebrating it. Why not take your dad out to brunch?

Why Is Brunch a Good Idea?

Brunch is a great meal because it means dad and everyone else get to sleep in just a little longer. You will also find that the menu tends to be better for brunch than if you were to just go to breakfast or lunch. Of course, this will depend on where you are going.

A lot of people haven’t been able to spend as much time with their families as they would like over the past few years. Brunch is a great time for everyone to get together, talk, and catch up. You just need to make sure that you plan the brunch right. Let’s take a look at what this means.

The Right Menu

What are his favorite foods? You want to have brunch at a place with a menu filled with delicious foods your dad actually enjoys. If he likes gourmet sandwiches, make sure they have that option available. If he loves meat, you had better make sure the place you choose serves meat!

Remember, you aren’t planning this brunch for yourself or your friends. Yes, you want to have things on the menu that you will enjoy, as well, but keep the focus on your father.

Don’t Let Dad Pay

Here is something else you will want to keep in mind on Father’s Day. Dads can be sneaky, and even though you might’ve invited him to come to the brunch, he might very well still try to pay for the whole thing. Don’t let him! Instead, make sure you and the rest of the family are the ones who pay for the meal.

Plan a Full Day

You don’t have to let the fun stop with the brunch. Think about some of the other things that your dad might enjoy doing. Maybe you go boating or for a hike through the countryside. Perhaps you go to a gallery. Find some activities you feel he will enjoy.

Andrew Sansardo

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