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Catered Brunch Bridal Showers Are a Big Hit

The bridal shower is one of the most significant events during wedding planning and is something every bride looks forward to—an afternoon of quality time, good food, and celebrating the bride-to-be. 

Since most bridal showers are held in the afternoon, you need to plan to feed the guests. Preparing food for a large group can be stressful if you aren’t experienced. Instead of making everything yourself, consider catering a delicious brunch. 

Everyone loves brunch, making it a meal that will be a hit for any shower held in the late morning or early afternoon. Is a catered brunch worth the investment for your shower? Keep reading to see why so many brides (and guests) find it the best option. 

Lowers Stress

Let’s face it: bridal shower planning is a lot of work. There’s the guest list, decorations, game planning, venue booking, and more. Why add even more stress by being responsible for cooking all the food for the party? 

When you have brunch catered, you save yourself the time of shopping, cooking, and preparing all the food. Hiring a catering team will give you peace of mind that the brunch is beautiful, delicious, and well-prepared. This lets you focus on the other aspects of shower planning. 

Everyone Loves Brunch

Choosing a menu for a bridal shower can be tricky because of the many different food preferences or dietary restrictions of guests. If you plan a lunch of sandwiches, you have to ensure you have options everyone will like, such as gluten-free bread, vegetarian sandwiches, and more. 

Brunch is a meal that caters to all palettes and all diets. The beauty of brunch is that almost anything is acceptable to serve. You can cater pancakes and sausage next to grilled chicken salads and fruit cups. Brunch has something to offer everyone, making it a customizable and well-accepted menu choice for bridal showers. 

Confidence in the Food

Working with a brunch caterer will give you confidence that the food will be handled and prepared with care and safety. This is especially important if you need to cater to specific food allergies. After all, food is your caterer’s expertise. When you hire them, you’ll have confidence that the food served is of the highest quality. 

Catering to a crowd of bridal shower guests can be difficult. However, choosing a brunch menu makes offering plates that appeal to various tastes easy and will leave your guests feeling impressed with the food you serve. Contact Brunch Cafe now to get your orders in!

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