What Should You Look for When Choosing a Brunch Restaurant?

When picking a brunch restaurant, you want to make sure you choose the right one for your taste and expectations. Choosing the right spot for your brunch gathering can be overwhelming, but we’ve pulled together some elements you should always look for when making your decision!

Drink Menu

First, you should always check out the drink menu of any brunch restaurant. One of the best parts of brunch is the fact that you can enjoy a light cocktail while eating your meal. The perfect brunch spot should have a wide variety of drinks, including cocktails like mimosas and bloody Marys!

Don’t stop at the cocktails, though! A well-rounded brunch menu often includes a variety of juices, from your traditional apple and orange to cold-pressed juices that provide you with servings of fruits and vegetables!

Food Variety

If you’re going to brunch with a group of people, it’s important to find a restaurant that offers many food options to meet the needs of everyone. A great brunch place will offer breakfast staples like bacon, eggs, and waffles alongside lunch favorites like salads, burgers, and wraps. Many will also offer great vegetarian and vegan options, along with a kid’s menu for the tiny brunchers in your group!


Sometimes you want brunch, but you don’t want to deal with getting everyone out the door to go to the restaurant. When checking out brunch restaurants, you can always look for ones that allow you to make an order online for carry-out in case you run into a group member who doesn’t want to leave the house! Versatility like this can make a brunch spot your regular one because it will let you get your favorite food on any occasion!


When you’re picking a restaurant, consider the environment that best meets the needs of your group, so you don’t feel out of place when you arrive! Of course, you should always consider the atmosphere of the brunch restaurant you are considering. There are upscale brunch spots, chain brunch restaurants, and locally owned and cozy feeling brunch cafes!

The Perfect Brunch Spot

Everyone’s preference for a brunch restaurant is different, but the Brunch Café strives to offer an environment that will meet the needs of anyone who comes in! We offer a full menu with tons of variety, delicious brunch cocktails, and a locally owned, family-friendly environment. Plus, we offer online ordering and even catering, so we can be your brunch spot for every occasion! Check us out the next time you go out for brunch to see for yourself!

Brunch Cafe

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