Why Brunch Is More Popular Than Ever

Brunch has been around for a long time, but it’s only recently become such a popular trend that it’s everywhere you look. This has become a very social event, giving people a chance to visit with friends and family over good food. There’s a lot to love about brunch, and everyone has their own reasons for sitting at the table.

Comfort Food

Most of what’s served at brunch is comfort food. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, and plenty of pieces of bread and pastries are found on every menu. From American to international restaurants, the same general types of food will be found. It’s about foods that are rich, filling, and designed to make people feel good while they eat.

What’s better than getting up on a Sunday to go to brunch with the family and come home for a late afternoon nap? All that comfort will make the “Sunday Scaries” a thing of the past.


As mentioned, brunch is also a great chance for people to sit down and spend time with family and friends. Brunch is more of an event than a meal and it is treated as such in many circles. You’ll see brunch events that include more than just good food, allowing you to take advantage of a delicious way to spend time with the people you care about.


Brunch has more variety than any other meal that is prepared. Some brunch menus will include everything from the early riser breakfasts to the midnight menu, with sandwiches, steaks, and plenty of eggs, bacon, biscuits, and other fare. If you go to a brunch buffet or have your meal catered, you’ll likely find even more selections to choose from.

Alcohol in the Morning

Let’s face it – sometimes, the best thing about brunch is that you can order all manner of alcoholic drinks before noon. If you’re looking for a way to really kick back and relax during your weekend, brunch could hit all the marks. Check your local restaurant selection for places that specialize in things like Bloody Mary bars and bottomless mimosas for the best adult drinks.

All the best of breakfast, a little lunch and dinner, and a whole lot of atmosphere—that’s what makes brunch such a popular choice for people these days. And with more restaurants creating brunch menus as time goes on, the options are only going to continue to grow.

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