When You Can’t Decide On Breakfast or Lunch – Make It Brunch!

Over the last half-decade, brunch has become increasingly popular among foodies and cooking enthusiasts. Where exactly did brunch come from, and what made it so popular?

How Did Brunch Surface?

Several different historical accounts tell the tale of how brunch came to pass. Getting a concrete answer to the question of the history of brunch isn’t so easy and depends on who you ask.

Many people believe that brunch got its start during the famous English hunt breakfasts. These were giant multi-course meals consisting of items like chicken livers, bacon, eggs, fruits, and sweets.

Other historians would have you believe that brunch began as the routine of Catholics fasting before Sunday mass before sitting down to a substantial midday meal. Then, there are others that insist brunch began in New York with the city’s famous diners and their eggs benedict specials.

Regardless of which account you believe, there is one fact that seems to hold true. In 1895, British author Guy Beringer penned an article for Hunter Magazine entitled Brunch: A Plea.

Beringer was making the case for the inception of a meal between breakfast and lunch. This meal would be a replacement for the large post-church breakfasts that were common at the time.

Many of the comments that Beringer makes throughout the article regarding brunch still hold true to this day. What makes brunch such a fantastic option for a meal?

The Attraction of Brunch

Brunch brings many people together for a variety of reasons. For some reason, brunch ends up being a period of fellowship and positivity, with a certain aura surrounding the meal.

Foodies enjoy brunch, and the proof of this is posted all over social media. One only has to make a quick search for the word on platforms like Instagram to catch glimpses of amazing foodie photographs highlighting brunch options.

Is it the atmosphere and people that make brunch so special? Maybe it’s the blend of the sweetness of breakfast and the savory selections pulled from lunch. Regardless of the reason, brunch is here and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Stop into one of our 8 locations around the Chicagoland Suburbs today!

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