Planning a Menu for a Brunch Event

When it comes to planning a brunch event, there are so many options as to what dishes you will serve. Brunch perfectly melds favorite dishes from breakfast and lunch to create a versatile meal that many people will enjoy.

However, you need to decide on a menu that is extensive enough to satisfy all your guests, but not so long that it’s exhausting or difficult to execute. By focusing on how to make your brunch menu diverse yet widely appealing, you can throw an amazing brunch event!

Serving Style

A brunch event is best executed with a buffet serving style. A buffet allows guests to take what they like, and leave what they don’t, with no judgment involved. Plus, a buffet is much easier for the host than separately plating the courses of the meal.

Add Some Color

The staples of brunch such as omelets, waffles, pancakes, and French toast can be carb-heavy. It’s always good to offer some healthy options.

A fruit and yogurt bar is a great choice. Or you may choose a fruit and cheese board if that’s preferred. Either way, be sure to offer your guests so fresh produce among the decadent brunch dishes.

Offer Variety

The great thing about brunch is it covers a variety of food types. This means offering eggs, bacon, pancakes, club sandwiches, and soups at the same time is totally okay! Brunch doesn’t force you to conform to a certain kind of dish.

It’s important to add variety to your brunch menu so you can appeal to all the unique preferences your guests may have.

Don’t Forget the Beverages

A brunch event should be an experience – and the beverages have a big impact on the experience! If you’re open to having alcoholic drinks at your brunch, some classics to include would be mimosas and the Bloody Mary.

You can make drinks like mimosas in large batches and simply place them into large pitchers and put them on ice. Then, people who want a mimosa can use it to pour their own. If you won’t offer alcohol – still pay attention to your drinks! It’s always nice to have a variety of beverages – juice, coffee, tea, and sparkling water are great brunch offerings.


Menu planning can be stressful but with some thought and attention to detail, you can easily plan an amazing brunch event. Brunch is a seriously versatile category of a meal – so feel free to get creative with your next brunch menu! If you should have any questions, give the team over at brunch café a call today!

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